Marie K. Shanahan

Marie K. Shanahan

Marie K. Shanahan is an assistant journalism professor at the University of Connecticut with 17 years experience as a reporter and online news editor.

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The Conversation (Australia)

How news sites' online comments helped build our hateful electorate

The ability to say offensive things online on a daily basis without consequences led to new, and more toxic, norms for civic behavior.

Chronice safespaces michael morgenstern article
The Chronicle

Yes, Campuses Should Be Safe Spaces — for Debate - The Chronicle of Higher Education

College students have grown up in the toxic free-for-all of social media. We need to provide them with more examples of civilized discourse and safe venues for debate.

Hc drone bill passed 0408 20150407 article
Hartford Courant

FAA Green Lights Drone Use For Connecticut Businesses - Hartford ...

Expect to see more drones flying overhead in Connecticut. Federal regulators approved the first commercial use of drones by Connecticut businesses in Spring 2015, as state legislators weighed the positive uses of pilotless aircraft technology against a host of public safety and privacy concerns.

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Connecticut Health Investigative Team

Breastfeeding Rates On The Rise, As Mother-Baby Support Systems ...

Breastfeeding Rates On The Rise, As Mother-Baby Sup...

Media jpg 20141015 article
Hartford Courant

Media: Radical Shift In Control Of The News - Hartford Courant

The future of journalism is married to the future of communication technology.

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Columbia Journalism Review

On Connecticut's 'Gold Coast,' a local news incubator : Columbia Journalism Review

Fairfield County, CT is swamped with hyperlocal experiments that hold broader aspirations.

John dankosky article

How talk radio listens to its audience, provides lessons for online publishers

Answers to taming online comments may be found in talk radio's way of handling callers. Callers, like online commenters, can be unpredictable. They can also be unexpectedly entertaining and insightful. But audience participation on the airwaves isn’t like the commenting free-for-all often found online. There is methodology behind it.

Chatbubbles2 article

More news organizations try civilizing online comments with the help of social media.

With anonymity and pseudonymity existing as a constant in the equation of online comments since news publishing blossomed on the Internet, wrangling user posts has caused huge headaches for news organizations. It’s not easy for stressed newsrooms to gather and produce the news and act as the “civility police” at the same time. More news sites are turning to social media companies for help.

For Arena Restaurant, The End Of Something

It was just a neighborhood bar tucked away at the south end of Wethersfield Avenue. Behind the counter stood Nick Massa, slowly puffing on his cigarette, ready to lend a friendly ear and serve up ice-cold beer to anyone who walked in.

Screen shot 2013 08 13 at 10.28.55 am article

Mixed Races, Mixed Messages

My older brother sometimes likes to refer to the children in our family as ``bananas.'' No, not because we're crazy. He says it to poke fun of our heritage. Our mom is from the Philippines; dad is a native Vermonter. So like a banana, he says we're yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

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Hartford Courant

Pictures: Notable Crime Incidents at Yale University

On May Day in 1970, during the New Haven Black Panther trials, two bombs were set off in the basement of Yale University's Ingalls Rink.

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Hartford Courant

The Annie Le Investigation: An Interactive Timeline

In September 2009, Yale University student Annie Le was murdered by a co-worker in a campus research facility.

Passage From India: Asian Indians Living American Dream In Connecticut

Many Asian Indians have been in Connecticut only some 30 years. But in that time, they have infused a new energy into the state's economy and culture. In fact, Asian Indians have the highest average family income in the richest state in the country -- $83,000, according to the most recent census figures.

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Color Me Kauai

It's not the sandy beaches or dramatic mountain peaks or perfect weather that keeps luring me back to the island of Kauai. It's the colors.

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Face To Face On Abortion

On a typical Saturday at the end of August, Norman Harris and his 21-year-old son, Max, are doing some father-son bonding. But the Harrises haven't gone fishing or to a ball game. Instead, they're standing on a corner in a rundown Bridgeport neighborhood surrounded by people carrying pictures of bloody fetuses and screaming, ``Don't kill that baby of God!'' and ``You are guilty of murder!''